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A message regarding Women and Female empowerment

This is a message of female empowerment. 70%-80% of those who are drugged and incarcerated under the guise of modern day "mental health care" are women.

The outgoing board of the West Coast Mental Health Network and membership does not endorse, nor promotes the subjugation, objectification and degradation of women, all women of race, creed, sexual orientation, gender, religious and/or political affiliation.

Calling women "mentally ill" or "crazy" in order to subjugate and control to abuse and destroy, is simply a practice that cannot be tolerated under any mental health system. The paternal, big brother patriarchy scenario that plays out over and over in history, where women are subjugated, killed, kicked out, objectified, raped, pushed aside, forced into asylums, drugged, and incarcerated is a karmic debt where everyone suffers in the end.

The change needed is one where women are empowered to be women. To be who they are and to think how they think, forcing women into a male dominated box, only serves to create more war, pestilence and destruction in the world, that is simply not sustainable. Not all women are the same or think alike, but all women have in common the inherent, sometimes hidden or ignored, knowledge for real change. The true and genuine knowledge of real change, not the brainwashing of a male dominated paradigm, comes from a woman who is in tune with her true self, and not defined by the fixation of male fantasy.

So the outgoing message from the WCMHN is this: empower yourself as a woman and empower the women in your world, and only then will real change occur.

Good luck and godspeed

WCMHN 2015-2017

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